Flux and Metal cored tubular wires
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VERS-O-WELD 8040 is one of the sleekest and most versatile AUTOMATIC WELDING & SURFACING SYSTEMS in the world. It offers various overlay options without compromising precision. The best feature of the VERS-O-WELD 8040 system is that it offers various options for mounting the welding head and the wire feeder. The welding head can be mounted by keeping the beam stationary and allowing the carriage to move or by keeping the carriage stationary and allowing the beam to move. This makes the VERS-O-WELD 8040 ideal for a variety of welding and surfacing applications and makes it unique.
Other features and options of the system are
  Extremely lightweight, easily portable
  Easy to assemble and dismantle
  Wire feeder mounting options
  Can weld with a range of wire sizes
  Easy to maintain
  Hand-held Pendant option
  Customized options available
  Submerged arc welding attachment
  Flux recovery unit for submerged arc welding
  Fume extraction system for welding head
  Chiller for cooling welding torch
Optional attachments are available for gas-shielded welding & submerged arc welding.
VERS-O-WELD 8040 D Series
Ideally suited for welding of steel mill rolls, in-situ or in-shop welding of cement mill rolls and tables.
Flat and Cylindrical Surfaces
Steel Mill Rolls
  Cement & Coal Pulverizer Rolls & Tables
  Wear Plate Manufacture
  Sugar Mill Rolls
Profiles & Patterns
Internal Cladding of Pipes
VERS-O-WELD Single axis series
Single axis system for shop fabrication and repairs
  Linear or stepping option
  Longer beam length option
  Wire feeder mounting option
  Standard and cantilever torch mounting
VERS-O-WELD Twin axis series
Twin-axis system for shop and site fabrication and repairs
  Options of standard and cantilever arrangements
  Longer beam length option
  Welding of grinding mill rolls and tables at site
  High and low profile wire feed set up
Standard Arrangement Standard Arrangement
Standard Arrangement Standard Arrangement
Cantilever Arrangement Cantilever Arrangement
Cantilever Arrangement Cantilever Arrangement
Please Consult for Customized Equipment
Cladding systems for other applications Refurbishing Steel mill rolls
Cladding systems for other applications Automatic Welding System
Optional Extras
Submerged Arc Welding Attachment
  Flux Recovery Unit For Submerged Arc Welding
  Fume Extraction For Welding Head
  Chiller For Cooling Welding Torch
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